How did the Nazis control the Arts?

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  • How did the Nazis control the Arts?
    • Music
      • Jazz, which was 'black music' was seen as racially inferior and banned.
      • The Nazis encouraged traditional German folk music together with Classical music.
    • Theatre
      • Concentrated on German history and political drama.
      • Cheap tickets were available to encourage people to see plays often with a Nazi political or racial theme.
    • Architecture
      • Hitler encouraged the 'monumental style' for public buildings.
        • These showed the power of the Third Reich.
        • Copies from Ancient Greece or Rome.
      • The 'country style' was used for family homes and hostels - traditional buildings to encourage pride in Germany's past.
    • Art
      • Hitler had earned a living as an artist so believed he was an expert.
      • He hated modern art (any developed under the Weimar Republic).
      • Encouraged art which highlighted Germany's past greatness and the strength and power of the Third Reich.
      • Hitler wanted art to reject the weak and ugly and to glorify the healthy, strong heroes.
      • Paintings showed:
        • The Nazi idea of the simple life.
        • Hard work as heroic.
        • The perfect Aryan.
        • Women in their preferred role as housewives and mothers.


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