Nazi Control Of The Arts

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  • Nazi control of the Arts
    • Music
      • Hitler encouraged traditional German folk music together with classical music
        • Brahms
        • Beethoven
        • Richard Wagner
          • Hitler's favourite composer
      • Hitler hated modern music
        • Jazz was known as 'black' music
          • Seen as racially inferior
    • Art
      • Hitler hated modern art
        • (Any art developed under the Weimar Republic)
        • He believed  that it was backward, unpatriotic and Jewish
          • Considered 'degenerate' art
        • It was banned
      • He encouraged art which highlighted Germany's past strength  and power of the Third Reich
        • He wanted art to be in certain style
          • To reject the weak and ugly
          • Glorify healthy, strong heroes
          • Portrayed workers, peasants and women as glorious and noble creatures
        • Paintings showed:
          • the Nazi idea of the simple peasant life
          • hard work as heroic
          • the perfect Aryan
            • young German men and women were shown to have perfect bodies
          • women in their preferred role as housewives and mothers
    • Architecture
      • Hitler encouraged the 'monumental' style for public buildings
        • Buildings made of stone
        • Often copied from ancient Greek or Rome
          • Hitler liked this style  because the Jews had not 'contaminated' it
      • After 1934, it was decided that all new public buildings had to have sculptures
        • Had to demonstrate Nazi ideals
    • Theatre
      • Concentrate on history and political drama
      • Cheap theatre tickets were available to encourage people to see plays
        • Often with a Nazi political and racial theme


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