Transcript: The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler - Episode 1

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Adolf Hitler,
the leader of a country rich in culture at the heart of Europe.
A man incapable of normal human relationships,
lacking all compassion, filled with hatred and prejudice.
Here, long before the Second World War,
Hitler was speaking…

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A previous flatmate,
August Kubizek, described Hitler like this.
'Unleashing a torrent of hatred, he would pour his fury over everything.'
And Hitler would almost certainly have remained an unknown painter
if it hadn't been for a momentous event in world history...
..the First World War.
Hitler, as an ordinary…

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'who would show him kindness.
'When I first met him, he was like a tired, stray dog
'looking for a master.'
But Mayr detected in Hitler qualities he could use.
He decided to train Hitler as a propaganda agent.
Who's that?
Hitler was sent on a short course here at…

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And one of the most popular tourist attractions of the time
was this monument, completed in 1875,
to Hermann, a tribal leader who had led the Germans
to victory over the Romans nearly 2,000 years before.
This later engraving claims a direct link between Hitler and Hermann.
Both portrayed as…

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a vision of how the world is and how it ought to be.
A brutal vision.
'He who wants to live, should fight,
'and he who does not want to fight
'in this world of eternal struggle,
'does not deserve to live.'
Hitler believed that the fact that we are…

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if you didn't accept Hitler's charisma.
Here in Bamberg, one of Strasser's close associates was distraught
when Hitler chose not to debate policy.
He was a 28-year-old former journalist called Joseph Goebbels,
and he wrote in his diary...
"I no longer fully believe in Hitler. I am in despair."

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became almost commonplace.
'Stormtroopers all had a big glass in front of them,
'practically a missile.
'The battle was pretty fierce,
'several people were hospitalized, some Stormtroopers too,
'they had face wounds.
'I had a head wound, I was bleeding.'
Hitler thrived in this atmosphere of violence and political crisis.…

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Das ist die Hauptbedrohung, die ich sehe. Es muss etwas geschehen...
And so, von Papen and his friends,
backed an idea to make Hitler Chancellor,
as long as there were only a few other Nazis in the cabinet.
..Staatsmaennisches Verhalten.
On 30th January 1933, after lobbying from von Papen and…

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Throughout Germany, the reality was obvious -
Hitler led a movement of violent revolutionaries
and was brutally suppressing any opposition.
But now he was Chancellor,
Hitler also wanted the support of all of those who lived in this land
that he considered "true" Germans.
Nazi Stormtroopers were still as ready…

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Roehm and the senior leadership of the Stormtroopers
were all on holiday here, at this hotel then called the Hanselbauer.
Hitler and his entourage arrived at 6.30 in the morning.
Hitler walked through the lobby of the hotel
and up the stairs to the first floor,
where Roehm was asleep…


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