Nazis control of Young People

How the Nazis controlled young people

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Nazi Control of Youths - School

  • it was Hitler's main aim to control every aspect of life in Germany including the daily life of ordinary people
  • If you were a teenage Aryan in Nazi Germany you would probably have strong support for Hitler
  • The Nazis had organised every aspects of the school curriculum to make children loyal to Nazis
  • At school you would have learnt Germany history and had been outraged at how the German army was 'stabbed in the back' by the weak politicians who had made peace
  • You would have been told how the hardships of the 1920s were caused by the Jews squeezing profit out of honest people
  • Your studies would have made you loyal to the Fuhrer and you would be confident that it was right
  • Biology lessons would explain that the Aryan race was superior in intelligence and strength
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Nazi Control of Youths - Groups

  • As a member of the Hitler youth or League of German Maidens you would have marched in exciting parades with loud bands and would be physically fit
  • Leisure time would be devoted to Hitler and the Nazis and you would have learnt how to read maps and be a good cross country runner
  • After years of being at summer camp you would be comfortable with camping outdoors and if you were a boy you could clean a rifle and keep it in good condition
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Nazi Control of Youths - Children

  • As a child in Nazi Germany you would feel alienated from your parents as they wouldn't be as keen on the Nazis and Hitler as you were
  • They would expect your first loyalty to be to your family but Hitler Youth leaders made it clear it was to Hitler
  • It would be difficult to understand why your parents grumble about the Nazi regulation of working practices as you were taught the Hitler was protecting them
  • Your parents find the idea of Nazi inspectors checking up on the teachers strange but for you it would seem normal
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