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AbductionMoving limb or bone away from body

AdductionMoving limb or bone towards body

Aerobic`with oxygen'when exercise is moderate and steady,the heart can supply all
the oxygen to the working muscles

Aestetic Qualityhow good an action looks

Agilitythe ability to change the position of the body quickly and to control the…

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Balancethe ability to retain the centre of mass(gravity)of the body above the base of
support with reference to static (stanionary) or dynamic Changing)conditions of
movement,shape and orientation

Balenced competitiongrouping based on size,age or experience for an even match

Balanced dietDaily intake of food containing right amounts and types of nutriants…

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Classificationa way of sorting or organising groups

Coccyxsmall fused triangular bone at the base of the vertebral column

Compact bonestrong,hard bone

Compound/open fracturebreak of the bone that pierces skin,causing a risk of

Concussioninjury to the brain,caused by a blow to the head,may cause the person
temporarily to lose consciousness…

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Ectomorphbody type with little fat or muscle and a narrow shape

Elementa part that contributes to the whole

Emergancy proceduresseries of actions to be in a crisis

Endomorphbody type that is apple or pear shaped ,with a large amount of fat

Endotheliuminternal space of the blood vessels

Endurancethe ability to…

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FITTfrequancy.intensity,time and type

Flat bonealso called plate bone,mainly linked with protection

Flexibilityjoints ability to move to their full range

Flexiondecreasing the angle at a joint

Forced breathingbreathing during exercise

Frictionaction of two surfaces rubbing together creating heat

Fusedtwo or more bones knitted together so no movement occurs

Glyogenthe form in…

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Insertationthe piont where a tendon attaches a muscle to bone where is movement

Inspirationthe drawing in of breathing,inhalation

Interval trainingmixing periods of hard exercise with rest periods

Involuntry musclesmuscles that work automatically,controlled by the involuntry
nervous system

Irregular bonesbones that have no uniform shape

Isometric muscular contractionmuscle contraction with no…

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Moderationbalancing training and not over training

Modified gamea game with adapted rules,equipment and playing area based on a
full game

Movementin motion,could be an action like running or swinging a racket at a ball

Muscle definitionmuscle shape

Muscle tonemuscles in a state of very slight tension,ready and waiting to be…

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Oxygen debtthe amount of oxygen consumedin the same time rest (this results in a
shortfall in the oxygen available)

Performancehow well a task is completed

Perfomanceenhancing drugssubstances that artificially improve personal
characteristics and performance

Periosteal collaralso known as periosteum,membrane surrounding the shaft of a

Personal exercise programmetraining designed specifically…

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Ricerest,ice,compression elevationin order of treatment for a minor injury

Rotationmovement in a circular or partcircular fashion

Sacrumbones of the vertebrae,refused in adults,making part of the pelvic girdle

Septumwall of muscle dividing the right and left sides of the heart,septurn can also
mean a dividing wall between two cavities elsewhere in…

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Synovial membranelining inside joint capsule where synovial fluid is produced

Systematic trainingplanning a programme for an individual as a result of the effect
of pervious training

Systematic circuitpart of the circulatory system concered with transporting
oxygenated blood from the heart to the body and deoxygenated blood back to the




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