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Health Issues
Key words
· Health ­ A state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing
· Morbidity ­ Illness and disease
· Mortality ­ The death of people
· Attack rate ­ Number of cases of a disease diagnosed in an area, divided by the
total pop, over the period of an epidemic
· Infant mortality ­ deaths of children under the age of 1 per 1000 births per year
· Case mortality ­ number of those dying from a disease divided by the number of
those diagnosed with it
· Crude death rate ­ The number of deaths per 1000 people in 1 year
· Disease ­ bodily disorder preventing good health
· Pandemic ­ epidemic spreads over large area
· Epidemic ­ quickly spreading disease affecting a lot of people
· Endemic ­ infectious disease always in an area
The Study of Health
· Investigates the patterns and spread of disease
· Looks at human and physical factors which affect our health
· Looks at social, economic, environmental and political factors
· This helps us to fight the diseases present in the 21st century
Life Expectancy and Infant Mortality
· Will be highest in European countries such as the UK and France, MEDC's. People
can afford health care which is provided to a high standard
· Will be lowest in sub-Saharan countries like Burkino Faso and Mali where AIDS
incidence is high and health provision is poor
· High in LEDCs in Africa and Asia due to poor provision of pre and post natal care for
mother and child
· In MEDCs the standard of pre and post natal care is hish, such as in the USA, where
people can afford it and education about it is high
Impacts of Diseases
Global Patterns of Diseases

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Infectious disease more common in developing countries
· Non-communicable disease is more common in developed countries
· Differences within and between countries
Global Patterns of Mortality
· Poorest countries often have the highest number of deaths.…read more

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A taboo subject in many countries, making the spread of information difficult
· In 2007, 30-36million people were living with it and 2.…read more

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Food and Health
Key Words
· Overweight: weighing more than what is normal or healthy. Having a BMI over 25,
1.6billion people as considered to be this
· Obesity: morbidly fat/overweight with a BMI over 30. 400million children in the
world are in this state
· Malnutrition: resulting from some form of dietary deficiency, measured by calories.…read more

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· Global shift in diet towards unhealthier foods
· Decrease in physical activity ­ low energy work, more transport, urbanisation
· Cancer
· Airlines recalculate passenger capacity
· Diabetes ­ global epidemic
· Cardiovascular disease ­ world's number one killer -17million per year
· USA triple width coffins
· Move from saturated to unsaturated fats
· Increase physical activity
· Increase fruit, veg and whole grain
· Life expectancy of obese smokers drops by 14 years
· Food industry ­ reduce fat,…read more

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Healthcare in Cuba
· People have an equal right to treatment
· National priority
· Government has improved: sanitation, nutrition, medical services, education,
housing, employment, resources distribution & economic growth
· Infant mortality: 5.…read more

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Health and Globalisation
Key Terms
· Transnational Corporations: control international markets.…read more

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Through its Positive Action Programme, GSK works with many community based
groups to provide information, care, counselling and other services for sufferers
Production of Tobacco
· LEDCs are converting from traditional crop farming to tobacco growing
· BAT is the largest Agribusiness in Kenya, contracting 17,000 farmers, cultivating
15,000 hectares
· Brazil is the largest exporter of tobacco
· Tobacco grown in the USA is twice as much to buy
· Production is, therefore, moving overseas to exploit cheap labour
· Vietnam sells off…read more

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Tobacco Transnationals
· Phillip Morris, RJ Reynolds & British American Tobacco are the world's largest
tobacco TNCs
· Own or lease plants in 60 countries
· Have a total revenue of US$70billion
· 1.…read more


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