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Health Issues
Global Patterns of Health, Morbidity and Mortality: Health in
World Affairs
1. Health defined as: "Physical, mental and social well-being and absence of disease"
2. Health varies in different parts of the world, but difficult to measure
3. Better health tends to be in more developed nations e.g. UK, USA and Australia,
and worse health tends to be in less developed nations e.g. Sierra Leone, Laos
and sub-Saharan countries
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Economic Development
1. People come out of work so less of surplus of workers so wages increase and
prices rise, preventing ED
2. Same goes for people leaving work to care for ill
3. If kids come out school uneducated workforce which won't attract foreign
4. If govts spend on advertising contraception+ fam planning, less spent on
5. If govts spend on
healthcare, less
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Usa 16.0 74 Bahrain 15 64
Russia 9.7 49 Kuwait 13 74
Japan 6.7 23 Tonga 12 91
Germany 6.3 60 Singapore 12 23
Pakistan 6.2 22 Oman 11 46
Brazil 5.7 51 Mauritius 11 46
Mexico 4.4 68 Germany 10 60
Egypt 3.9 69 Spain 10 52
2. Most countries have problems
1. Blindness, amputation, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, gum disease + high
blood pressure
2. Denial Depression
3. Glucose clogs small capillaries which feed vital parts of body
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Food and Health
Periodic Famine
1. Sahel Region- air drawn in from sea, wetter further south so more vegetation
due to fluctuating rainy + dry seasons, so lots of very dry years (1950s-1960s)
and very wet seasons (1970s-1980s)
2. Band Aid 1984
3. Periodic refers to rainfall
4. In wet seasons, nomadic move south and north when it dries in arid and
hyper-arid area. If all move to these areas- they'll destroy the land
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Contrasting Health Care Approaches in Countries at Different
Stages of Development
Type Main Characteristics Example
Emergent 1. Personal consumption Banglades
2. Doctors solo entrepreneurs h
3. Private ownership (direct payments)
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Development of local health workers
Pluralistic 1. Consumer product USA
2. Doctors solo entrepreneurs (with professional
3. Private and Public ownership
4. Minimal state role (indirect)
Insurance/ Social 1. Guaranteed consumer product France
Security 2. Doctors and solo entrepreneurs (with
professional associations)
3. Private and public ownership
4. States role evident but indirect
NHS 1. State supported UK
2. Doctors solo entrepreneurs (with professional
3. Public owned
4. States role direct
Socialized 1. State provided public service China
2. Doctors state employed
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GSK and Controversy
1. Most recently (March 2007) it was found that they were misleading consumers
of the drink, Ribena, when claiming that it had high levels of vitamin C
2. Other controversies have involved anti-depressant drugs, which consumers and
doctors were told to be `non-habit forming' when it in fact transpired that they
had the greatest withdrawal problems
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BAT is the largest Agribusiness in Kenya, contracting 17,000 farmers, cultivating
15,000 hectares
3. Brazil is the largest exporter of tobacco
4. Tobacco grown in the USA is twice as much to buy
5. Production is, therefore, moving overseas to exploit cheap labour
6. Vietnam sells off the majority of its tobacco for under $3 a kilo
Tobacco Industry Effects
1. Greater cause of death than any disease ­ WHO
2. 5million deaths
per year
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Factors Affecting Regional Variation in Health and Morbidity
Age Structure
Ageing e.g. Bournemouth, Dorset
1. Lots of orthopedic care e.g. hip replacement
2. Care homes for 80-90s
3. Strokes and heart attacks
Youthful e.g. Birmingham
1. Sports injuries
2. Pediatrics
3. Antenatal
Occupation Type + Income
Low-Income e.g. Burmantofts, West Yorkshire
1. Associated with smoking and drinking
2. Buy tacky, expensive goods in corner shops
3. Less likely to take on health messages
4. Tend to watch sport rather than do
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