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Migration The movement of people between or within countries

Immigration The movement of people into a country

Emigration The movement of people out of a country

Migration can alter population structure, which can be seen in the population pyramids for
the areas affected. Migration can affect any part of…

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Effects of Migration
Migration affects both the area of origin and the area of destination.

The effects of migration are social, economic, political and environmental.

Issues of Migration: Source Country
Social Costs - The perceived benefits of migration encourage more of the
same generation to migrate, which has a…

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Economic costs - The loss of young adult labour force
- The loss of those with skills and entrepreneurial talents,
which may slow economic development
- Regions where out-migration takes place may suffer from a
spiral of decline that is difficult to halt
- The loss of labour may…

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Environmental Costs - Generally increases the pressure on the environment as
more space is needed for housing, resources for industry,

Environmental - In an under populated country the increase in population
Benefits can lead to a better use of resources and therefore
improved quality of life





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