AQA AS Geography Population: Youthful Population

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Youthful Populations
A youthful population means there's a large proportion of young people in the population.
This has social, economic and political effects:
Increased pressure on public services There's a greater demand for services like
schools and childcare
Rapid population growth The large numbers of children grow up and
have families too, increasing the population
This may lead to overpopulation if there
aren't enough resources to cope with the
number of people
Too few jobs There aren't enough jobs for young people
when they grow up
More unemployment means more people
are dependent on government support
Increased poverty More young people are born into families
that are already poor, so there are more
people in poverty
Some children may have to work to help
support their large family, so they can't go to
school, which means they can't break out of
Youth issues Youth issues will be important, e.g. student
loans and childcare provision
Teacher salaries The government may need to increase
teacher salaries to encourage more teachers
to go into the profession

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Strategies for improvement
Controlling birth rate Some countries that are overpopulated try
to slow further growth by introducing
policies that limit the number of children
couples can have
E.g.…read more

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Pressure on health service Around 6000 women already die each year
in childbirth
When the youthful population reaches
reproductive age the pressure on health
services will be even greater
Health service is also stretched because of
This may spread further when a youthful
population start to have children
Unemployment When the large youth population reaches
working age there won't be enough jobs for
them all causing unemployment and poverty
to increase
Different strategies
Contraception and family planning Use of contraceptives among married
women…read more


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