GCSE Music Edexcel - Sonata Form Revision

Sonata Form Revision

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Sonata Form
Let's love it!
Two fundamental ideas in Sonata form are Repetition and Contrast.
It developed from Binary Form, but repeated the first section, making it three
First Section Second Section Third Section
Exposition ­ Themes are Development ­ Themes go Recapitulation ­ Themes
`exposed' / heard for 1st time through a number of twists are `Recapped'
and turns
First Subject ­ Always in A development of one or both First Subject. This is
Tonic or home key. Usually subjects. It can be based on repeated but sometimes slightly
most lively or rhythmic. the whole melody or a modified ­ shorter, added
fragment or few notes from ornaments
the theme. Example of
features ­ Sequencing ­
varying the pitch, Imitation,
with slight changes, Making
notes longer and shorter ­
Augmentation and Diminution,
New rhythms, Inversion ­
turning the tune upside down.
It will also feature various
keys, deliberately avoiding the
tonic and dominant.
Constantly changing with a
restless feel.
Transition / Bridge Passage Transition / Bridge. This
­ A short linking section, balances with the Exposition,
used to modulate the Music but this time is not needed for
to the 2nd Subject. a modulation
Second Subject ­ Second Subject ­ Stays in the
Contrasts in both mood and tonic key this time. Again,
key. The key is related ­ e.g sometimes modified ­ changing
relative Major/minor or which instruments play the
dominant key. theme etc
Codetta / Closing Section ­ Coda - Not essential but will
Brings the section to a close, often appear, particularly if
uses material already used there has been a codetta­to
and may modify it. balance the work out. The coda
is longer than the codetta. It is
the finishing section, largely in
the tonic key, bringing in
material from the whole piece,
slightly varied.

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