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AOS 1 Revision Questions
Handel ­ "And the glory of the lord"
1. What key is used?
2. What time signature is used?
3. How many voice parts are used? name each one
4. What is an oratorio?
5. Which two textures are most commonly used?
6. What is a motif?
7. What is basso continuo?
8. When was this piece written?
9. What are the four motifs used by Handel?
10. What gives the piece a joyful mood?
Mozart-"Symphony No.40"
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1. A Major
2. ¾
3. 4 ­ Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass.
4. An oratorio is a piece that is written based on a sacred text.
5. Homophonic and Polyphonic.
6. A short rhythmic or melodic passage that is repeated or evoked in various parts of a
7. A bass section that is continuous throughout the piece. This was a main feature of baroque
8. 1741
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