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Handel Quiz

1. What are the 4 voices?
2. What type of cadence does it finish with?
3. What is the key of the piece?
4. Name 2 textures used
5. Give a difference between an oratorio and an opera
6. Name a rhythmic feature used
7. name a melodic…

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Mozart Quiz

1. What key is the piece in?
2. What is the Italian tempo marking and what does it mean?
3. Name two instruments not used in the orchestra?
4. How many movements does the symphony have and which one is
5. What structure does the piece use?…

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1. What key is the piece in?
2. What era is it from?
3. And what are the dates of the era?
4. Why was nickname the raindrop?
5. What is the form or structure of the work?
6. What is the main texture?
7. What die smorzando mean?

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22. When did Schoenberg write five orchestral pieces?
23. What are the three ways the prime order can be rearranged?

Something's Coming

1. What type of voice is used?
2. What style is it from?
3. When was it composed?
4. Who is the composer?
5. Comment on the orchestra…

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17. What instruments play in the piece?
18. What is minimalism influenced by?
19. What are canons?
20. Explain the process of looping to build layers

All Blues

Rag Desh

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