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Chopin's Prelude No.15 in D flat Major. Opus 28
AKA ­ `Raindrop' ­ One of 24 preludes
Written in: 1838 ­ Romantic Era. Criticised for lack of structure and being so full of grief
and anger.
Instrumentation: Piano
Stylistic features
This piece is a perfect example of the Romantic era…

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Rubato ­ player can be flexible with the tempo ­ allowing more expression

Representations of rain

This prelude was written while Chopin was in Valldemossa, Majorca, during a rainstorm. This is
represented by:

Continuously repeating Ab's in section A in the left hand ­ which is the dominant note of…


Samuel Richardson


A very nice set of detailed notes on Chopin's Prelude in Db Major. Included a nice tabular comparison of section A and section B. 

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