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Area of Study 1 - Western
Classical Music 1600-1899
And the Glory of the Lord ­ Handel
1st Movement from Symphony no.40 in G
Minor ­ Mozart
Prelude no.15 in Db Major (Raindrop Prelude) ­
Chopin…read more

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And the Glory of the Lord
Written in 1741 and is from Handel's Messiah ­ an
In A Major but modulates once to B Major and once
to E Major
4 main motifs ­ 1) And the Glory of the Lord (A) 2)
Shall be revealed (T) 3) All flesh shall see it together
(A) 4) For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it (T) and
once introduced, are constantly imitated
Texture is mainly homophonic, but parts are
Allegro, piece is in 3 4but feels like 24 so hemiola
Full baroque orchestra: oboes, bassoons, trumpets,
timpani, strings and a harpsichord…read more

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Symphony no. 40 in G Minor
Written in 1788 ­ classical period
In G Minor, but modulates to Bb Major for second
In Sonata form; exposition, development,
Texture is homophonic
In the development, the harmony is clear and
Uses pairs of woodwind, but has only one flute.
No percussion and the only brass instrument is
the french horn
Begins p but regularly changes throughout the
piece, uses sFz…read more

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Raindrop Prelude
Written in 1815
Written in Ternary Form, like a musical sandwich
(ABA). Section A is Db Major, section B modulates
to enharmonic C# Minor
Texture is homophonic and the instrument
Uses inverted pedal note of A which represents a
Uses elastic rhythms and has a slow tempo,
rituendo at end
The melody is harmonised in 6ths and the
harmonies have a rich and full feeling…read more

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Area of Study 2 - Music in the
20th Century
Peripetie from Five Orchestral Pieces ­
Something's Coming from West Side Story ­
3rd Movement (fast) from Electric
Counterpoint - Reich…read more

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