edexcel physical education injuries and muscles

edexcel physical education injuries and muscles

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R - Rest. Stop activity to prevent further injury.
I - Ice. Apply an ice pack to reduce blood flow, pain and swelling.
C - Compression. Wrap a bandage tightly around the area to reduce
internal bleeding and swelling.
E - Elevation. Raise the injury above heart level to reduce swelling and
RICE treatment lessens the pain and helps to reduce injury recovery time.
Dehydration, hypothermia and unconsciousness are emergency situations. You
should always send for medical help before treating the sufferer.
lie the sufferer down in a cool place
raise and support legs
give plenty of water
move sufferer to a warmer, sheltered area
provide extra clothing or a survival bag
give hot drinks
keep checking for pulse and breathing
Unconsciousness/Concussion Follow the DRABC (Dr ABC) checklist:
D - Danger: Check that you and the sufferer are not in danger. Make sure
everyone is safe.
R - Response: Shake and shout - is the person unconscious?
A - Airway: Check that the airway is clear.
B - Breathing: Check that the sufferer is breathing.
C - Circulation: Check for a pulse.
Triceps Extend the arm at the elbow Pressup, throwing a javelin
Pullup, drawing a bow in
Biceps Flex the arm at the elbow
Move the arm in all directions at the
Deltoids Bowling a cricket ball
Pectorals Adduct the arm at the shoulder Forehand drive in tennis
Hold the shoulders in place, move head Holding head up in rugby
back and sideways scrum
Pulling back leg before
Gluteals Adduct and extend leg at the hips
kicking a ball
Kicking a ball jumping
Quadriceps Extend the leg at the knee
Bending knee before
Hamstrings Flex the leg at the knee
kicking a ball
Pointing the toes, help to flex the knee Running
Adduct and extend the arm at the shoulderButterfly stroke in swimming

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Pulling the body down when
Abdominals Flex the trunk across the stomach
Cardiac muscle is unique to the heart.…read more


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