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Everything you need to know
To pass GCSE PE!…read more

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1. Social, Mental and Physical
Reasons for doing sport
Social Mental Physical
Develops friendship and Helps relieve stress and Helps individuals to look
social mixing tension and feel good
Improves co-operation Aesthetic appreciation Enhances body shape
Improves competition Gives the performer a Helps individuals to lose
mental challenge weight…read more

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Benefits of taking part
in physical activity?
1.Increase fitness
2.Help the individual feel good (serotonin `feel good hormone')
3.Help relieve stress, and prevent stress related illness
4.Increase self-esteem and confidence
5.Contribute to good health
6.Contribute to the enjoyment of life
7.Provide a mental challenge.…read more

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Reasons for taking part
in physical activity
You need to be able to recognise and explain the 'reasons for taking part in
physical activity' membership of sporting clubs and participation in sporting
activities stimulates:
1 - co-operation ­ ability to work well with others as a team or setting up
2 - competition ­ allowing challenge of playing different opponents and
working with other teams.
3 - physical challenge ­ being able to test yourself an push yourself physically.
4 - aesthetic appreciation ­ appreciation of how something looks, feels or the
environment it is in.
5 - the development of friendships and social mixing…read more

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Influences on your
Healthy, active
There are many influences on an
individual to become involved in sport.
·Cultural influences
·Image and fashion influences
·Resource influences
·Socio-economic influences
·Health and well being…read more

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Cultural Influences
Age can put limits on what sport an individual may take up. Depending on the size of
the club they may have a team at each age group.
Males and females are both encouraged to take part in sport. Generally both sexes
compete against the same gender to ensure fairness.
Mixed doubles tennis/badminton and show jumping are the only exceptions.
Sport is encouraged to all regardless of disability. They often compete against similar
groups or can be mixed with able-bodied. Most facilities cater for disabled access.
Although resources are available it can be limited in terms of the activities local
facilities offer.
Taking part in an activity can be influenced by ethnic background. Many ethnic
groups participate in sport but have other factors that can effect their opportunities.…read more

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