Components of a Healthy Diet

GCSE 7 components of a healthy diet

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7 Essential Components of a Healthy Diet
1. Carbohydrates ­ e.g. cakes, bread, sugar, pasta. Stored in the liver and
muscles as Glycogen. Converted to glucose and used for energy. Excess
stored as fat. 47% needed daily. Provides energy when the muscles need it.
Athletes training hard use carbohydrates, so diets should be high in this food
2. Proteins ­ e.g. meats, fish, eggs. These build muscles and repair tissues.
Builds muscles and repairs tissues, essential after injury to heal quickly.
Sports people who need large muscle size need extra protein.
3. Fats ­ e.g. milk, cheese, chocolate. Provides energy, the body needs 30%
daily. Fats release energy slowly. Increases body size and weight the body
can use the fats when there is a lack of carbohydrates.
4. Vitamins ­ fruits, carrots, liver. Helps with vision, skin/teeth/bone condition,
forming of red blood cells and blood clotting. The health of athletes helps their
performance, when training hard vitamins from the B groups are used and
need to be replenished.
5. Minerals ­ e.g. milk, red meat, green veg. Calcium helps bones grow and
makes red blood cells. Increases ability to carry O2 in the blood and therefore
keeps the body working, Prevents fatigue, aids recovery from injuries.
6. Fibre ­ e.g. cereal, leaves, seeds. There are 2 types insoluble which adds
bulk to your food, keeps food moving through the digestive system and
soluble reduces cholesterol keeping the heart healthy. Less cholesterol
keeps the heart effective and the digestive system working regularly so the
body retains less waste.
7. Water ­ e.g. fluids and food. 2/3rds of the body is made up of water. This
needs replenishing as it is lost through sweat, urine and condensation when
we breathe. It allows blood to flow more easily which is very important when
exercising as the body demands more O2. It controls the body temperature.
Evaluation of my Diary
Day Breakfas Lunch Dinner Snack Exercise
t s
Monday Cereal with Sandwich, Spaghetti Sweets 1hr Cricket
Milk, Crisps, Bolognese, Practice
Orange Apple Broccoli
Tuesday Cereal with Sandwich, Sausages Sweets None
Milk, Tea Apple and mash,
Wednesda Cereal with Sandwich, Meatballs Chips 2hr House
y Milk, Tea Crisps, and Pasta Football
Thursday Cereal with Sandwich, Pasta None 1hr JSLA
Milk, Hot Crisps,
Chocolate Orange

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Friday Cereal with Sandwich, Subway's Sweets 1hr Table
Milk, Tea Apple Tennis
Saturday Cereal with Pasta and Stir Fry Sausage 1.30hr
Milk, Tea salad Roll Cricket
Sunday Cereal with Roast Sandwich None 1hr Cricket
Milk, Hot Dinner Practice
For this week I kept a fairly healthy diet, although I probably could have done with
eating more fruit and veg. However throughout each day I think that I have a
balance of all the food groups in my diet. E.g.…read more


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