P.e. Subject Titles

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  • P.e. Subject Titles
    • Healthy, active lifestyle
      • Three categories Mental, Physical, Social
      • Benefits for taking part in physical activity
      • Reasons for taking part in physical activity
    • Influences on your healthy, active lifestyle
      • Influences in taking part
      • Opportunities for getting involved in sport
      • Sports participation pyramid
    • Exercise and fitness as part of your healthy, active lifestyle
      • Health, exercise, fitness and performance
      • 5 components of skill- related exercise
      • 6 compnoents of skill-related fitness
    • Physical activity as part of your healthy, active lifestyle
      • Assessing your fitness level
      • The principles of training
      • Goal setting
      • Methods of training
      • The exercise sessions
      • Comparing 2 types of training session
      • Analying training sessions
    • Your personal health and well-being
      • Link between diet, exercise, work and rest
      • Dietary intake and performance
    • Physical activity and your healthy mind and body
      • Different body types
      • Optimum weight
      • Weight-related conditions
      • Performance-enhancing and recreational drugs
      • Risk assessment and preventing injures
    • A healthy active lifestyle and your cardiovascular system
      • Cardiovascular system during exercise
      • Regular exercise and the cardiovascular system
      • The effect of lifestyle on the cardiovascular system
    • A healthy, active lifestyle and your respiratory system
      • the respiratory system
      • immediate and long-term effects of exercise on the respiratory system
    • a healthy, active lifestyle and your muscular system
      • the muscular system
      • exercise the muscular system
      • lifestyle, performance enhancing drugs and the muscular system
    • a healthy, active lifestyle and your skeletal system
      • the skeletal system
      • joints and movement
      • exercise and the skeletal system
      • injuries to the sketal system and the importance of diet
    • analysis of performance


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