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History revision the Boer war.
The second Boer war/ Great Boer war.
Started on the 12 of October 1899, began because the British refused to withdraw troops from the
borders of south Africa and refused to redirect them away from south Africa. This cause two small
states Orange Free State…

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Now the Zulu threat was removed, the Boers of Transvaal wanted their independence back. Due to
a new liberal government led by William Gladstone and a fighting in Afghanistan, the Boers were
given their independence, but this was only after the British were defeated at Majuba hill in
February 1881.…

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The course of the great Boer war.
What was the Boer army like?
The Boer army was vastly different from the British army. Made up of just over 50,000 men both
from Orange Free State and Transvaal as well as 500 foreign volunteers. It was a citizen army, with

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by his earlier defeats. Roberts carried on succeeding and eventually capturing the capital of the free
state, Bloemfontein, in march. There were severer shortages of supplies after these successes due
to relying too heavily on one railway. Also the typhoid disease hit Roberts army hard killing more
troops than the…

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reported honestly. For example with black week a lot of papers noticed how good the Boers were
as soldiers. But not everyone was always honest.
Support and opposition for the war
initially there was widespread support and enthusiasm for the war. Many papers encouraged this and
used it to increase…

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much the war effected it. The conservatives won 51 % of the votes 402 MPs compared to liberals
182 and labours 2 this was a staggering victory.
Significance of the war and its wider effects.
The aftermath of war and army reform.
At a large loss of life and money…


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