AS A 1960's Social Revolution revision pack.

Just a revision pack I made myself, condensed and summarised version of the text book. Pretty useful!

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Britain 1960 History Retake
The Political Framework 1959-64 (Age of Affluence):
The Effect of Post-War Prosperity by the end of the 1950's:
MacMillan (MacWonder) = PM 10th January 1957 ­ 18th October 1963. Eton/Oxford,
Cavindish family, 1958 35 members of his government, 7 of his cabinet were related by
"Never had it so good!" Britain took time to adjust after the war. Rations ended 1954.
Population ­ 2 million increase from 1951-61, post war baby/economic boom. Overseas
trade + demand = plentiful employment



Not sure if this has fully uploaded? Thanks 

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