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Psychological Aspects
That Optimise
Performance…read more

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Personality: individual's predisposition to
behave in a certain way
Personality Questionnaire as a
Predictor of Performance?
There are many questionnaires to test personality such as
ones by Eysenck and Catell. It is a credulous approach and
used as part of TIP. The POMs show that athletes with a lot of
vigour are successful and ones with little vigour are not
therefore it proves that some personality traits do affect
performance.…read more

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Hollander's Model
Suggested personality is layered structure:
Inner Psychological Core
· not affected by environment
· Permanent qualities
· Way we typically respond to situations ­ trait
Role-related Behaviours
· Typical response may be affected by circumstances
· Behaviour different at different times in different
situations ­ interactionist approach
Social Environment
· Affects our role related behaviours…read more

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Interactionist Theories
· Explanation of behaviour that assumes our
personality depends on our traits and on the
· Build on trait approach ­ personality unique
combo of tendencies to behave in certain
ways (stable)
· Suggest our behaviour depends on what
traits we have ­ how they're effected by
environment ­ LEWIN: B = f(P.E) ­
behaviour is a function of personality traits
and environment we're in
· Causes of behaviour separated: personality
& enviro…read more

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Trait Theories
· Stable
· Innate
· Measureable
· Eysenck ­ PFI ­ questionnaire
· Catell ­ 16PF ­ questionnaire
Situational Theories
· Environment influences personality
· Skinner ­ rugby players aggressive due to contact
· Bandura ­ social learning theory…read more

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