A2 AQA PE basics

Basically we were asked to write up everthing that we have covered within my class in this half of term, so for anyone who is interested, this is it.

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  • P.E notes
    • Commercialism
      • Olympics
        • First Olympic hosts to bring sponsors and sell television rights without fully funding the event itself was the U.S with the L.A olympics in 1984.
          • This was after Canada gained themselves serious debts through the hosting of the 1976 olympics.
        • Today the Olympics is fully private as companies spend millions to be part of the games.
          • This has adverse effects because some of the olympic sponsors are companies such as McDonalds and so they promote things that are bad or people's health.
        • The olympics sponsors are know today at 'The Olympic Partners' or TOPS. They roughly Contribute £1 billion altogether.
      • Sponsorship
        • Companies will pay millions to get their brand name associated with specific sports and teams. This promotes their brand as being healthy and 'in' with the sports community.
      • Media rights
        • Media rights within sport get sold for many millions to specific companies so that they can then make people pay to watch the sport.
      • Effects of commercialism
        • The effects of commercialism within sport can be quite adverse. It can promote things such as cheating within the sport to maintain an 'exciting' game or outcome.
        • However, there can be many good effects of commercialism, for example, hawk eye and TV ref means that the game is more accurate and also people who are breaking the rules during a game can be caught more easily.
    • Technological advancements.
      • Technology has rapidly advanced over the past 20 years with regards to sport.
        • This has led to a fast advancement of the sporting equipment that has been fed down to the public and so the equipment that amatuers are now using is much further advanced than any other equipment we have seen before.
          • This however, by some companies and athletes has caused a monopoly affect that is unfair as it is not available to all members of that sport.
            • For example, shark skin swimming suits created less drag than human skin. This means that ahtletes who are sponsored by this particular company gain an unfair advantage.
        • This has also led to an advancement in illegal performance enhancing drugs. The pressure to be the best is enormous and so some athletes refer to drugs that improve their performance in order to take some of the pressure off of them.
    • Nutrition
      • Nutrition for elite athletes is obviously extremely important because they are training so often that if they do not get the necessary nutrients then their bodies would suffer from exhaustion.
        • This information has led to large amounts of research  into what is best for individual athletes.
          • Obviously this will differ massively from sport to sport and athlete to athlete because everyone is different but there are some generic figures that we have been given.
            • Diet; Large amounts of protein should be consumed for repair and build of muscle cells. Carbohydrate should be the main consumation within an athletes diet because this is what is stored into our body as glycogen which we use for energy. There should also be a smaller amount of fat because this is reserved as quick burn energy and can be useful for when our glycogen stores are depleted.


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