A2 PE Long Term Preparation

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  • A2 PE Long Term Technical Preparation
    • Refining Technique
      • is easier than trying to correct well grounded in flaws
      • Uses observational feedback usually from coach
      • Refers o the perfect model broken down into phases
      • could use video/ computer
      • shows immediately the performance to keep feedback instant
      • Can show side by side images of perfect model or  same athlete twice
      • can superimpose (put one over each other) other performers
      • Can covert to stick person for biomechanical efficencies
    • Pro - Zone
      • Game tracker
      • Good for tactics
      • can work out players exact physiological needs for particular role
    • GPS
      • Global Positioning systems are widely used in sport settiny
      • used to evaluate the physical demand on players in both training and competition
    • Other Kit
      • Force plates
      • pedometers
      • HR monitors
      • Power gauge
        • cycle pedals
      • wind tunnels and aerodynamics assessment
      • GPS alo track height climbed


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