Revision notes on personality for the Psychology module of A2 Physical Education.

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Knowledge of theories of personality including: Trait perspectives (including the characteristics
of extroversion/ introversion, neuroticism/ stability, Type A/ Type B personalities) social learning
perspectives: interactionist approaches. Justify the limitations of personality profiling in sport.
The characteristics that lead people of similar intelligence and knowledge, when placed in
similar circumstances, to react in different ways.
As individuals, unique psychological make up.
Trait Theory:
Natural Instinct
Strength of theory ­ allows easy and objective measurement through questionnaires
Drawbacks of theory ­ Not a true predictor of behaviour
Does not take into account the influence of the environment
Type A and Type B characteristics
A more recent addition to the trait approach which contrasts two personality types:
Type A ­ highly competitive, strong desire to succeed, works fast, likes to control, prone to
suffer stress
Type B ­ Non competitive, unambitious, works more slowly, does not enjoy control, less prone
to stress
Social Learning Theory
All behaviour is learned through interaction with the environment and inherited factors do not
influence personality.
Interactionist Theory
Combines train and social learning theories in the development of personality
B = f(P) ­ Trait
B = f(P + E) ­ Interactionist
B = f(E) ­ Social Learning Theory
B = Personality Type
F = Function
P = Inherited
E = Environment


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