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AQA GCSE Revision ­ PE Theory
Information on the topics…read more

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Going to local sports centres is not always easy for
people with disabilities. Problems they may face:
They may not be able to access the sports centre
and equipment
The staff at the sports centre might not be trained
to help people with disabilities
Other people may make fun of them, lowering
their confidence
The sports centre might not have the right
equipment for them to use…read more

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How age effects performance:
Physical maturity
Flexibility and strength decrease with age
Oxygen capacity reduces with age and the heart
becomes less efficient
Skill level and strength can increase when
children age
The older people get the longer it takes them to
recover from injuries…read more

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Key words for physique
Somatotype means physique.
Endomorphs have large amounts of body fat, round
shaped and normally short. Ideal sport e.g. rugby.
Ectomorphs have very little fat and are tall with long
limbs. Ideal sport e.g. high jump, marathon.
Mesomorphs are `triangular,' muscular and
powerful. Ideal sport e.g. body building, football.…read more

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Most people aren't just classed as one of the
three. You normally get a mix of two, e.g. ecto-
mesomorph. You can show a persons
somatotype/physique on this diagram:…read more

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Competitive V recreational:
Competitive ­ Rivalry, contest, more training.
Recreational ­ Sport with your friends, no
special training.…read more

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