Odyssey Book 11

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  • Book 11
    • Flow Chart
      • They reach the land of the underworld and follow Circe's instructions: trench - sacrifices - pouring honey, milk and water. Then spirits start to rise up from the trench. The first of these is Elpenor. He explains to O how he died and asks O to make him a funeral mound in Aeaea so he pass through to the underworld and so people will remember him. The second spirit is O's mother, Anticlea. Her tribute is full of Pathos. She says Telemachus has grown into man, Penelope is surrounded by suitors but remains loyal. She tells how his father has retired to a life of humble living a shack as he is so distraught by O not coming home. She says she died from missing him so much.
    • themes
      • Pathos
        • we feel huge amounts of Pathos for O's mother as she died from mourning the loss of O
        • Pathos is created for Achilles when he talks about his regrets about his choice
        • Agamemnon has pathos when he doesn't know what his son is like
      • Nostos
        • we are reminded and O is about his home life and the Penelope is waiting for him
    • techniques
      • Homer uses the catalogue of women and hero's to illustrate how connected mythology is
      • Agamemnon was the first to return home but was killed by a disloyal wife. This irony highlights O's struggles who has been travelling for long time and will return to a loyal wife.
      • this book is inconsistent with other books in the Odyssey
        • it doesn't follow othe two short stories, one long story structure - there are doubts it was written by Homer


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