What did Antony do for Cleopatra?

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  • What did Antony do for Cleopatra?
    • gave her gifts of Phoencia, Cyprus and Cilicia
    • Arranged one of his sons by her to marry the King's daughter
    • Delayed the campaign with Medes for her
    • Announced that she was the Queen of Egypt, Libya, Cyprus etc
    • Named his sons by her King of Kings
    • Gave Alexander Armenia, Media and the promise of Parthia
    • Gave Ptolemy Phoencia, Syria and Cilicia
    • Named the children the sun and the moon
    • Acknowledged his 2 children by her so she can have heirs for the future of Egypt
    • Ordered his body to be sent to her in Egypt when he dies
    • Had Thyrsus whipped when he was talking to Cleopatra too much


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