After Actium

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  • Aftermath of Actium
    • 300 of Antony's ships were captured by Octavian
    • All of Antony's soldiers left for Octavian after persuasion and when they'd stopped believing in Antony
    • Antony had tried to kill himself
    • Cleopatra asked Octavian to allow her children to keep Egypt
      • Octavian only would agree to Cleopatra's demands if she killed Antony or brought him to Octavian
        • Antony asked Octavian to live as a private citizen in Athens
    • Antony asked Octavian to live as a private citizen in Athens
    • Octavian was scared that Cleopatra would burn all of Egypt's wealth because it is a client kingdom to Rome
    • Antony decided he wanted to die in battle so he attacked Octavian again
      • His whole army deserted
    • Cleopatra sent a message to Antony saying that she was dead
      • Antony gets Eros to stab him but he stabs himself instead
        • He takes awhile to die so some people bring him to Cleopatra who is residing in a tomb
          • Cleopatra goes crazy scratching at her body and covering herself in his blood
    • Proculeius stops Cleopatra from killing herself by climbing in through her window
    • Antony's son Antyllus was killed by his tutor who was then crucified
    • Cleopatra  buried Antony herself in Egypt


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