Antony as a Commander

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  • Antony as a commander
    • Tried to siege against Samosata but failed
    • Cleopatra gave Antony 200 ships and money for the war against Octavian
    • Keen to start a war with the Parthians
    • Lost 800 men on a march
    • Was too distracted by when he would next see Cleopatra to concentrate on war
    • Delayed campaign with Medes for Cleopatra
    • fast and large preparations for Actium
    • Delayed the battle of Actium which gave Octavian prep time
    • Before BoA, Antony had an island of partying, music, theatre, sacrifices etc
    • Lost 25% of his army on route to Parthia
      • Saw it as a victory as he did not get captured
    • Deserted his own troops when going after Cleopatra


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