Octavian and Mark Antony

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  • Octavian's and Antony's relationship
    • Antony married his sister, Octavia, to bring them closer together
    • They split up the Roman empire
    • Octavian wanted to wage war against Cleopatra rather than Antony as he thought that Antony was not in control of himself
    • Antony always thought he was worse off than Octavian
      • A fortune teller told him that his future was bright but blocked by Octavian
    • Octavian spread rumors about Antony
    • They gave each other ships, soldiers and rams as peace offerings
    • Octavian wanted Antony to mistreat Octavia so he would have an excuse to go to war with him
    • Octavian reported Antony to the senate for giving his children by Cleopatra thrones
      • Antony retaliated by accusing Octavian of taking Sicily from Pompey and for using the ships he gave him for pleasure


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