The Death of Cleopatra

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  • The Death of Cleopatra
    • She stopped eating so she could die
      • Octavian threatened her children so that she would eat again
    • Octavian visited Cleopatra and saw that she was in a bad way
      • She gave him a list of all the wealth she owned but missed out a few items saying they were presents for Octavia and Livia
    • She goes to Antony's grave
      • Tells him that her body is a slave
      • She doesn't want to be used to celebrate triumph over him
    • She bathed and a had a final extravagant meal before she planned to die
    • A guy carrying a basket of figs visited the palace
      • The guards let him in as the figs were splendid and they ate some
      • An asp was hiding before the figs
        • Cleopatra held her arm out for it to bite her
        • Or she provoked it and it bit her
    • Other theories of her death include that she hid poison in a hairpin
    • She was buried next to Antony


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