The Battle of Actium

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  • The Battle of Actium
    • Omens that Antony was going to fial
      • Sweat poured out of a stature of Antony
      • Temple of Heracles destroyed by lightning
      • Stature of Dionysus blown away at Athens
        • Antony associated with Dionysus and was descended from Heracles
          • Temple of Heracles destroyed by lightning
      • Statues with Antony's name inscribed in were attacked in a storm
      • Swallows attacked other nesting swallows on Cleopatra's ships
    • Preparations
      • Antony had 500 ships, 100,000 infantry and 12,000 cavalry
        • Had King of Libya
      • Octavian had 250 ships, 100,000 infantry and 12,000 cavalry
      • Antony did not have enough men to crew the ships
      • Octavian's ships were properly equipped, fully manned
      • Antony's ships were too big to gain any speed and couldn't ram Octavians's ships
      • Octavian's men were more confident and eager
      • Antony's men were weak and feeble
    • Antony surrounded the drinkable water so Octavian could not get to it
    • They fought at sea even though Antony was more experienced at fighting on land and all his soldiers wanted to
    • Cleopatra arranged her ships so that she could make an easy escape
      • She fled and Antony followed, deserting all his men
    • Octavian told Antony's remaining men to give up as Antony was not coming back
      • he did not enslave any of them and most went over to the other side willingly
    • Octavian had all the gods on his side including Apollo, Jupiter, Romulus and all the sea goddesses


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