What did Cleopatra do to influence Antony?

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  • What did Cleopatra do to influence Antony?
    • Treated him with contempt and made fun of him
      • Sailed up the Cydnus river in a golden barge dressed like Aphrodite whilst Cupids fanned her
        • So Antony would send her a dinner invitation only for her to decline and send her own
    • Dressed her best when first meeting him at Cilicia
    • When he was going to invade Syria, she made him go to Alexandria instead
      • So Fulvia had to wage war on his behalf
    • He started war too early as he was eager to get back to her
    • Attached a sea bass to his fishing rod to make him think he had caught a fish
    • Pretended to give money to his soldiers but it was his own money
    • 'pretended to love him'
    • Pretended to be sick and stopped eating so he would be worried about her and not go  to war
    • Got her flatterers to tell Antony that Octavia only married him for politics and to have the name of wife
      • Whilst she was with him for love and couldn't baare to be without him
    • She wanted Octavian and Antony to fall out
      • She didn't want Antony walking away from a war that she had contributed so much too
    • Got Antony to throw Octavia out of her house
    • Fled from Actium which lead to Antony following her and deserting his own army
    • Removed any useful qualities he had
      • he as under a spell/ drug
      • Sent him mad with the love
      • 'captued by her


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