Fulvia and Octavia

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  • Antony's Wives
    • Octavia
      • Sister to Octavian
      • Cleopatra felt threatened by her
      • had 2 daughters with her
      • The Roman people wanted her to bring stability and safety to Rome
      • Sent supplies , soldiers and commanders to Antony during a war
      • 'a marvel of a woman.'
      • Welcomed and helped Antony's friends
      • She looked after both her and Fulvia's children
      • had common sense, beauty and dignity
      • Wanted Octavian to ginore how badly Antony treated her
      • People hated Antony for how badly he treated such a waoman
    • Fulvia
      • His first wife
      • Waged war on Antony's behalf in Rome
      • Wanted to draw Antony away from Cleopatra
      • Started a war with Octavian but lost and fled
        • Octavian only blamed her and not Antony which is the opposite of what she wanted
      • Got involved in men's business


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