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  • Tom Robinson
    • mockingbird
      • Tom is one of the books many mockingbirds
        • is a big minority as is both black and disabled making him easier to empathise with
        • he is accused of ****** a white women and Atticus takes on his case
          • as Atticus' takes on his case we can trust he is not guilty as Atticus is a morally just man however..
            • ' our court when it's a white man's word against a black man's - the white man always wins'
              • this shows the true prejudice of the the time as no matter how good a lawyer has Tom or how good his testimonies are the won't win
                • certain definite to 'always'
    • good man
      • he is a 'faithful member' of his church
        • when speaking on testimony about the Ewell he says
          • 'I didn't want to push her or nothing'
            • this hugely contrasts with Mayella's testimony of Tom
              • 'but he had me round the neck'
            • one these two is lying and in jury case with black vs. white - white will win.
              • 'but he had me round the neck'
              • Lee shows us Tom is a good man to show us how unjust the system was
                • the best of the black families were still seen as below the worst of the white families
    • sympathises
      • Tom is not just someone for the reader to sympathise with but someone one sympathises with others
      • Tom sympathises with Mayella Ewell seeing her as a fellow mockingbird to him
        • he even says this on the stand
          • 'yes suh, I felt sorry for her...she seemed to be trying mor'en the rest of 'um'
            • this is much to the horror of the jury as they can't understand how a black man can pity a white women
            • another way Lee distinguishes Tom Robison from the other is by giving him an accent 'mor'en - this shows he is from a different place to the others in Maycomb


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