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  • Aunt Alexandra
    • family loyalty
      • Alexandra has a very strong sense of heritage and family loyalty
        • We see this from the very beginning of the book when Scout describes her to be the only one who stayed a Finches landing
          • Thus suggests she isn't as open-minded as her brother
          • This also represents how she believes Finches landing is part of their history and they shouldn't abandon their history
            • 'Aunt Alexandra was of the opinion … that the longer a family had been squatting on one patch of land the finer it was'
              • this show how she believes in family however...
                • ...the word squatting suggest it does not belong to them and is the opposite of 'fine' as squatters are assoicated with the homeless - the exact opposite of what Alexandra stands for
                  • the word 'squat' shows us Scout's opinion on family heritage - it doesn't matter
    • racial prejudice
      • Alexandra has a quite a strong racial prejudice
        • the way we first find out about this is interesting as it is through her grandson, Francis
          • Scout and Francis are in the yard and Francis taunts Scout about her father saying...
            • 'Grandma says...he's turned out a ******-lover, we'll never be able to walk the streets of Maycomb again'
              • the use of the word 'we'll' suggests Atticus' actions are connected to the rest of family again showing Alexandra's ideas of family loyalty
                • Because Lee tells us this through Francis it suggests Alexandra is the opposite to her brother and not open about her opinions
                  • however, this contrasts with her previous attitudes as she normally just tells Atticus - the fact that she doesn't say this suggests how strong the opinion is
    • femininity
      • Aunt Alexandra is the pinochle of a Maycomb woman
        • fit Maycomb society 'like a hand into a glove'
        • However, when she tries to force Scout into this ideal Scout hugely disagrees
          • 'pink cotton penitentiary closing in on her'
            • This quote is from when Alexandra goes to visit Scout and she approaches her
              • This shows us Scout's impression of  Aunt Alexandra
                • the word 'pink' and 'penitentiary' contrast as prison's are normally grey and dull
                  • It represents the closing in of femininity on Scout forced by Alexandra
                    • pink is typically feminine colour
    • Aunt Alexandra is a symbol of prejudice in the Finch family
      • Lee uses her to give a different point of view than the rest of the Finches
        • However as the book progresses she becomes more caring especially towards Scout
          • 'Are you alright darling?’ she asked me over and over as she worked me free'
            • the repetition of this shows Alexandra's concern
              • use of the word Darling instead of Scout shows how concerned she is


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