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  • Jem
    • Emotional
      • Jem is naturally caring for his sister for Atticus
        • when he founds out Atticus has gone to sit outside Tom's cell for the night he goes himself showing he is caring and has courage
          • 'scared about Atticus - someone might hurt him'
          • this is interesting as we can see a role reversal between Atticus and Jem - as Jem looks after Atticus
            • this could also show how Jem is growing up and Atticus is getting older so Jem may soon take his place as head of the household
    • Matures
      • Jem changes a lot - goes from age of 10 -13 - narrated by his sister - unique perspective
        • there are many cases when we can see Jem begin to see Jem mature
          • Scout first notices their split in chapter 6
            • 'it was then...that Jem and I first began to part company'
            • this continues until Jem tells on Dill for running away
              • 'broke the remaining code of our childhood
                • the word 'code' suggests a loyalty or a form of club that Jem is now departing as he is older
                • suggests how Jem is becoming more like Atticus
                  • chose the morally right option over the easy option
    • Justice
      • Jem has a strong sense of Justice
        • he is greatly upset by the outcome of the trial and is ready overhaul the whole justice system
          • after the trial Jem and Scout walk past a bug and Scout says
            • 'why can't I mash 'um' - 'because they don't bother you'
              • Jem says this after having seen the trial so he wants to do what he can for the world even if it means saving a bug
              • the bug represents Tom Robinson and the unjust outcome of the trial
              • this is Jem's attempt to do his bit
      • just like Atticus
      • may feel so attached to Tom as they are a like
        • Jem is the only person to come away with a physical injury
          • "His left arm . . . somewhat shorter than the right"
            • just like Tom's same age - and Jem's arm was broken by Bob Ewell the same man who put Robinson in jail
              • may be why he feels strong connection to Tom
    • Atticus
      • Jem idolizes Atticus - wants to be him
        • we see him become more like Atticus as book progresses
        • Jem seeks Atticus's approval so much that when he loses his pants he goes back to Boo Radley's at night to get them
          • this is too avoid being spanked by Atticus
            • Jem returns to the place the children fear the most
            • 'Wordlessly he held up his pants'
              • the fact Jem was wordless shows how in shock he was and how far he goes to keep Atticus'' respect
    • Bravery
      • Jem goes through different stages of bravery throughout the novel
        • this starts with touching the pole of Boo Radley's fence
        • changes to awe of Atticus shooting the rabid dog
          • this is not  what Atticus wants Jem to think bravery is, so he teaches Jem a lesson by making him read to Mrs. Dubose
            • Atticus says - 'i wanted you to see what real courage is (Mrs. Dubose) instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand'
              • shows how Jem's real courage comes from his experiences not his own belief
    • Bousterous
      • Jem can be a bit loud sometimes and this can be seen when he destroys Mrs. Dubose's camellias
        • Scout is just as confused as the reader as to why Jem did it
          • he may have been protecting his father's honor after Mrs. Dubose insulted him
        • or 'for a few minutes he simply went mad'
          • this was so unlike Jem's 'naturally tranquil dispostion'
            • the word naturally shows it was unnatural for Jem to act this way - it shows Jem's anger at the world and the trial
              • Jem's actions are of madness contrasting with divine image of the camellias
    • conclusion
      • Jem has man trials throughout to kill a mockingbird
        • you could  say Jem teaches us about what it is to be human - he is our eyes an eyes into the cruelity of the world teaching us about prejudice through his many experiences
          • the  trial, mrs. Dubose, boo Radley and Ewell breaking his arm


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