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  • Dill
    • runs away from things that make him  unhappy
      • Dill has a tendency to just run away
        • when he isn't receiving enough attention at home he runs away
        • when the trial make him cry he runs away
          • Dill follows and idea of escapism
            • when he isn't receiving enough attention at home he runs away
          • 'they way that man called him boy...and looked at the jury everytime he answered
            • Mr. Gilmer refers to Tom as 'boy' showing he sees him as inferior
            • when he looks at the jury it shows he knows the will be easily swayed to convict Tom
            • Dill is made physically ill by the racism in the trial
              • he represents 'the innocence of youth'. Scout is too young to understand the way Tom is being treated
                • Jem is just old enough to control his emotions
            • it is ironic that Dill cries when the Ewells succeed in their lies as he lies all the time
    • outsider
      • Dill is an outsider to Maycomb as comes from Missipi
        • this means he is the same boat as the reader: not acquainted with the South and its people
          • 'Dill...went to the picture show 20 times...we don't have picture shows here'
            • when the children first meet Dill they  enthralled with him as he has seen Dracula at the pictures
            • this represents how conservative Maycomb is as they only picture showing is about religion
              • traditional values: church on Sundays etc.
        • acts as the reader helping explain customs of the South
          • Dill, although he is an outsider represents many other characters in the book
            • when he attempts lure out Boo it resembles Mr. Ewell and Tom
              • Dill has a big infatuation with Boo Radley
                • this may be due to the fact that he was troubled young person with a bad home life just like Dill
            • he pretends he is something he isn't like Dulphus Raymond
            • he risks his safety to run away to Maycomb just as Jem risks his by running to get his pants
            • by making dill represent different characters in the book it shows although Maycomb may be in it's own bubble
              • there are still people like the characters in TKAM all over the world
            • he tells huge stories and lies just like Mayella
    • lies
      • Dill tells a lot of lies in his time in Maycomb
        • he lies about his father as is ashamed of his background
          • Dill lies about these things due his unhappy home life but it brings the theme of lying to the forefront of the novel
            • he says his step father abuses him
            • Scout understands why Dill lies
              • 'one must lie under certain circum-stances and at all times when one can't do anything about them'
                • Dill lying and Scout saying this foreshadows Mayella lying in court
                • Atticus has taught Scout to tell the truth but Scout teaches this to herself showing she is growing as a character
        • he says his step father abuses him


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