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  • Mrs Dubose
    • Malicious
      • Scout and Jem saw Mrs. Dubose as cold hearted woman
        • both in appearance and character
          • 'we would be subjected to ruthless interrogation regarding our behavior'
            • the word 'ruthless interrogation'suggests criminal activity as though they are imprisoned by Mrs Dubose harsh words
    • traditional values
      • Mrs Dubose has very traditional values regarding race and women both of which are shown
        • We see her distaste towards Atticus defended Tom
        • she also disagrees with Scout wearing overalls
          • What are you doing in those overallS...youwill grow up waiting on tables if somebody doesn’t change your ways'
            • she holds similar beliefs to other Maycomb women about Scout choice of dress
            • when saying if somebody doesn't change your way she is fore-shadowing what Alexandra wishes to make of Scout
    • Fighter
      • even though Mrs. Dubose is a mean and traditional woman she is also a very strong woman
        • 'You rarely win, but sometimes you do. Mrs. Dubose won, ...She was the bravest person I ever knew'
          • Atticus praises Mrs. Dubose for her resilience and determination her morphine addiction
            • Atticus is a very respectable man and knows a lot of brave people so to be rewarded this title shows how commen-dable Mrs. Dubose is
          • As much else that happens with Mrs. Dubose show again foreshadows
            • 'you rarely win' foreshadows the outcome of Tom's trial
              • By including this information about Mrs. Dubose it shows although the trial may not be won there will be victories for the black community in the future
    • symbol
      • Mrs. Dubose's addiction to morphine represents the hold racism had on the South
      • When she is in a stupor druged with morphine it resembles the South's reluctance to take hold and overcome their prejudice
      • Mrs. Dubose's determination overcome her addiction represents how we should all work to overcome social injustice


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