The Ewells - TKAM

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  • Ewells
    • Mayella
      • the trial
        • we see Mayella gives tom odd jobs to do for nothing
          • she sees this as they way it is supposed to be due to her upbringing
        • when called to the stand she refuses to speak
          • when she finally get the respect she wants from Atticus she laughs as think he is mocking her...
            • 'That ****** yonder took advantage of me an' if you fine fancy gentlemen don't wanta do nothing...
              • ...about it then you're all yellow stinkin' cowards...
                • ...your ma'am and miss mayellrin don't come to nothing'
                  • she saying in the end their manners and kindness won't get them anywhere
                  • calls them a coward as is becoming scared she won't win the trial
                • ironic as she is the coward
                • the colour yellow is associated with cowardice
      • different to the rest of her family
        • Mayella's family holds no hope for her future
          • she will continue raising her siblings until she to marries and continues the cycle of abuse
            • Mayella holds out some hope for her future and that she won't just be another Ewell
              • 'Against the fence, in a line, were six... brilliant red geraniums'
                • the red geraniums are a symbol of hope for Mayella
                • the fact they are brilliant red shows that Mayella has taken good care of them and that unlike her father she can remain dedicated to something
      • loneliness
        • even though Mayella has her siblings they are too young confide in
          • Mayella has no one when Scout sees her she calls Mayella...
            • 'the loneliest person in the world'
              • she has no one as no one in the town respects her family and sees her as 'white trash'
              • it is very perceptive for Scout notice at such as young age
              • makes you feel a bit sorry for Mayella even though she accusing Tom of ****
        • the closest person to Mayella is her abusive father
    • Bob
      • the trial
        • when Bob Ewell is called to the stand in the trial it shows awful a man he is
          • his description of Mayella shows the disrespect he has towards his daughter a women in general
            • 'i heard Mayella screamin' like a stuck hog'
              • 'yonder ruttin' on my mayella'
                • Both of these quotes use words that describe Mayella as an animal 'ruttin' and 'hog'. It suggests her actions were primitive
                • the fact that Bob calls her 'my' Mayella shows matter how inferior he sees Mayella he will still see her as his
          • the primary reason he has the trial is because he wishes win back some respect for his family
            • his arrogance causes him to misjudge the situation as even though he wins the  trial the Maycomb community still sees him as 'white trash'
              • arrogance: 'his chest swelled and once more he was little red rooster'
                • the image of Ewell as roaster correlates with the other imagery of his family being describes animals
                  • rooster as first wake everyone in the morning and you could say controlling the whole farm just as Ewell does with his family
              • Atticus destroys this idea for bob Ewell
                • 'this trial left him...without credibility'
                  • Bob Ewell had any credibility before Atticus makes him look like foul in the trial so even if he won no one will respect him
      • bob's death
        • this spiral starts Bob Ewell threatens Atticus
          • 'Mr. Ewell approached him, cursed him, spat on him, and threatened to kill him'
      • family history
        • his whole family has a bad legacy and are called the 'trash' of Maycomb
          • quite fittingly they live next to a rubbish pile on the outskirts of the Maycomb community
            • this represents how, just like the African-americans, they too are outsiders
              • the only thing that gives the slight privilege is their skin colour
                • Atticus finch describes his family as 'the disgrace of Maycomb for three generations'
                  • this quote shows us that the cycle of the Ewells has kept repeating as it has lasted 3 generation
                  • the cycle needs to be stopped otherwise Bob Ewell's children will turn out like him
                  • this cycle is ended at the end of TKAM


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