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  • Boo Radley
    • reputation in Maycomb
      • Boo is an urban legend to the people of Maycomb
        • one rumour that was spread about him said he was responsible for murdering all the chickens and pigs in Maycomb even when a culprit was found
        • this legend of Boo is what prompts the children to invent their games surrounding him
          • the are all terrified of boo because of all rumours about him
            • 'inside the house lived a malevalent phantom, people said he existed but Jem and I had never seen him'
              • the words 'phantom' and 'existed' suggests Boo is from another world
                • just another myth of Maycomb
                  • in normal towns they have Boogey man but it Maycomb they have Boo Radley
      • the description of Boo Radley's house could be seen as a metaphor for Boo
        • 'was once white...but had long ago darkened to a slate grey colour'
          • represents how in his youth boo was 'once white' like all the other houses/ people in Maycomb
            • but after the incident occurred he became outcast - slate grey
    • change over the course of the story
      • Boo begins as being a myth and horror the children
        • over the course of the story he appears kinder
          • folding Jem's trousers nicely for him and giving Scout a blanket during the house fire on their road
            • he also leaves gifts for Scout and Jem in the tree one time even leaving little models of them
              • 'they were perfect miniatures of two children...the girl had bang.  So did I.'
                • This shows the children that Boo has been watching them and these gifts are specifically for them
                • the short sentence of so did I shows how Scout realises the miniatures are of her and Jem
                • the word 'perfect' contrasts to the previous ideas about Boo and show how the children's perception of him is changing
          • at the very end of the novel saving the children
        • 'he dined on raw squirrel and animal flesh...he had long scar...and his teeth were yellow and rotten'
          • the quote suggests Boo is uncivilised because he has been away from human company so long
            • Scout described him as though he is an animal who is vicious and been in too many fights
              • further demonstrates how the children see him as inhuman
    • mockingbird
      • when Boo saves the children we can see he is mis-understood
      • the man who has seemed so mysterious throughout the whole novel is finally revealed to us
        • 'his lips parted into a timid smile...our neighbour's image blurred with my sudden tears'
          • it is here that scout finally begins to understand Boo
          • she refers to him as her 'neighbour' showing her previous pre-conceptions have been discarded
            • he is no longer a ghost story
          • the word 'timid' suggests he is more afraid of Scout than she is of him reversing the games Scout used to play when running up to the gate and being terrified


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