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  • Miss Maudie
    • not concerned about femininity
      • Miss Maudie where's men's dungarees and works in a garden all day
        • she how she is not afraid to differentiate from Maycomb society
      • in her Scout finds a kindred spirit as Miss Maudie accepts Scout for who she is
        • Scout calls miss Maudie 'the finest lady I ever met'
          • this represents how you don't have to where dress and have boarding school manners to be a lady
          • Scout wants to grow up to be Miss Maudie
    • old friend of Atticus and treats the children similarly to him
      • Maudie treats the children like adults she like Atticus
        • they grew up together meaning the may have similar beliefs
          • when Scout asks about 'foot-washing Baptists' Maudie gives her a short, concise answer
            • 'foot-washing baptists think anything enjoyable is a sin'
              • this helps Scout understand why Boo was so harshly punished by his father (who was a baptist)
              • it also acts a guide to the reader who may but confused
    • quietly judges Maycomb
      • Miss Maudie quietly protests about the beliefs of the people of Maycomb about blacks and women
        • Stephanie... told me once she woke up... and found him looking in the window at her. I said what did you do, Stephanie, move over in the bed and make room for him? That shut her up a while.
          • at times Maudie uses here humour to deflect bad situations
          • by saying this to Stephanie, who normally has people in awe of her gossip shows her strong-willed she is
            • it also demonstrates the absurdity of some of the rumours surrounding Boo
        • 'The handful of people in this town who say that fair play is not marked White Only... there...I am'
          • shows how small a portion of the town believes in equality
          • the fact that 'White Only' is capitalised suggests it is an order on a sign and just something that is expected such as employees only
            • 'White Only' is normal in Maycomb


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