The Odyssey  - Book 6

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  • The Odyssey  - Book 6
    • Athene comes to Scherie to visit the palace.
      • Nausicaa is asleep and Athene appears in her dream as one of her friends.
    • Athene/friend tells Nausicaa  that she should ask her father to prepare a wagon so she can go to the river to wash her clothes.
      • This will help her attract a suitor.
    • Athene leaves.
      • Nausicaa goes straight to her parents to tell them of her plans. They are presented in a typical Greek scene.
    • She is too embarrassed to say the reason she wants to go to the river is because of marriage.
      • She pretends she is going so she can clean her brother's and father's clothes. Her father agrees and understands.
    • Nausicaa collects her clothes. Her mother prepares a picnic and they leave.
    • They get to the river. They wash all of the clothes and leave them to dry.
      • They bathe themselves and have their picnic.
    • They played a ball game. Athene arranged for Odysseus to wake up so that she can escort him to the city.
      • The princess throws the ball and it lands in the water. They scream and wake Odysseus.
    • Odysseus weighs up his options. He grabs a branch to cover himself.
      • He goes towards the women and they all run away apart from Nausicaa.
    • Athene puts courage in Nausicaa's heart.
      • Odysseus flatters her to gain her favour and hints at marriage in their conversation.
        • Odysseus asks for Nausicaa's help and tries to gain her sympathy.
          • She agrees to give him help.
    • Nausicaa calls her maids back and explains the situation to them.
      • She tells them to give Odysseus hospitality. They do this.
        • Odysseus goes and washes and is given some clothes.
    • Athene makes Odysseus seem extremely handsome.
      • Nausicaa finds him attractive.
        • They feed Odysseus.
          • They tell him to walk behind the cart on the way to the palace.
    • Nausicaa describes the city in a beautiful way.
      • Nausicaa warns Odysseus of the gossiping Phaeacians
    • Nausicaa directs Odysseus to go to the Poplar wood and wait.
      • Then Odysseus must go to the city and ask for directions to the palace.
        • Then he should go straight to Arete and obtain her sympathies.
    • They leave the river and Odysseus follows behind the cart.
      • Odysseus gos to the grove and prays; however, Athene refrains from answering him for the moment.


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