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  • Themes: power of cunning
    • the odyssey foucs on "man of twists and turns"
    • odysseus has great stength
      • shown in book 21 by stringing the bow
    • he relies on mind rather than muscle
      • shown in many of the books
    • he nows he can not overpower Polyphemus as he cant move the boulder out the way
      • but he uses his mind and knows that Polyphemus is stupid
    • Od knows that he has to come up with a really clever plan to get rid of the suitors
      • as there is lots of them so take away the armour and they have nothing to fight with
    • tests through the book
      • sometimes seemed like it mocks strength
    • no one can resist the sirens song for example
      • so he puts wax and ties the crew up so no temptation
    • Sylla and Charybdis can't be beaten
      • so od makes sure he uses his navigation skills to the best
    • Archiles
      • Od meets him in the underworld and it reminds him of power


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