Women in The Odyssey (Part One)

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  • Women in the Odyssey
    • Penelope
      • True match for Odysseus - they both share METIS
        • Shown through the Test of the Bed in Book 23
        • She doesn't automatically believe him
        • The Impossible Contest
      • Good at XENIA
        • Continues to give the Suitors XENIA despite them constantly abusing it
        • Gives XENIA to the Beggar
      • Loyal to OIKOS
        • Defends Telemachus in Books 4 and 16 when she realises they are plotting to kill him
        • Doesn't sleep with The Suitors and stays loyal to Odyyseus even when 108 are attracted to her - 'burst into uproar'
      • Easily Manipulated
        • Ordered by Telemachus to go to bed
        • The Suitors try to kill Telemachus regardless
        • She is a puppet to Athene's wants for her (e.g she puts her to sleep)
        • Could be the conventions of being a typical Greek wife
    • Athene
      • Easily Manipulates
        • Persuades Zeus to help Odysseus get off Calypso's island when she actually is just telling him what she is going to do - perhaps to get his blessing
        • Persuades Nausicaa to go down to the river to find Odysseus
        • Puts Penelope to sleep
      • Master of Disguise
        • Disguises as Mentes to become a Mentor to Telemachus to help him get his Kleos
        • Disguises as Dymas to persuade Nausicaa - plays on her want
        • Disguises as a Herald to speed up the process in Scherie
        • Bigs us Odysseus in the Discuss in the Phaecian Games
      • Liking of Odysseus
        • Helps him massively throughout his journey
        • Clever enough to wait until Posideon has gone to Ethiopia to bring up Odysseus
          • Makes him seem desperate 'yearned'
        • Covers him in a 'thick mist' through Scherie so he isn't at any harm
        • Makes him seem more attractive to Nausicaa - gives an advantage to getting home
        • Helps him in the final battle as Mentes when she makes the Suitor's volleys miss
        • Slows down time to Ody and Penelope can be together in Book 23
        • Disguises him as the Beggar
        • Recaps him when he lands in Ithaca - she helps him even when he insults her and says that he didn't realise she helped him!
    • Calypso
      • Helps Odysseus
        • Provides him with Xenia for 7 years
        • She tells Hermes that she rescued him
        • She's in love with him and surely wouldn't do him wrong
        • Gives him tools and materials to make a raft to get home
        • She gives him a favourable breeze
      • Hindered
        • Sexual Hindrance: female presence away from Penelope
        • Despite him being sat 'disconsolate' she doesn't let him go for 7 years!
        • She only lets him go when she's told to by the will of the Gods
        • Commits Hubris - sleeping with a mortal
    • Circe
      • Helps Odysseus
        • Gives him well needed XENIA
        • Vital intstructions as to how to get to the Halls of Hades which gives him motivation for his NOSTOS
        • Safe plan as how to get to Ithaca: tells him to avoid Scylla and Charybdis
        • Loom = Good character
      • Hinders Odysseus
        • The  visit to Hades is futile: he finds out all the information later by Athene
          • He comes back to Circe and she tells him what to do
        • Gives XENIA for too long
        • Odysseus doesn't even follow her instructions
        • She IS A threat to Odysseus
          • She is only conquered by Hermes plan and the use of an Oracle AND she turns all of his men to pigs
        • Sings = Bad Character


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