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  • Book 23
    • Eurycliea goes to wake Penelope
      • Penelope is angry that she's been woken because this was the first time that she'd be asleep since Odysseus left
      • Penelope doesn't believe Eurycliea that Odysseus has returned
        • Eurycliea says she's seen proof and has seen his scar
      • she tells him that he was the stranger and that him and Telemachus have concealed it till all the suitors were killed
      • she tells her that all the suitors are dead
    • When Penelope sees Odysseus she says nothing but just stares  as him
      • Telemachus doesn't understand why she is so 'hard-hearted'
      • Penelope doesn't know what to do but she knows that she will soon find out If it is him
      • Penelope pictures Odysseus how he looked 20 years ago and struggles to recognise him
    • Odysseus puts on a feast
      • any passers by will assume that Penelope has married a suitor
      • this will delay the news that all the suitors are dead
    • Penelope tells Eurycliea to move the great bed Odysseus built outside of their room
      • this is a test
      • Odysseus built this bed so that it was intertwined into an olive tree
        • because of this it couldn't be moved
      • Odysseus is deeply offended because this means someone has cut down his bed
        • this is proof that this is Odysseus
          • Penelope throws her arms around him
          • shows she is extremely wise
          • Odysseus wept as he held Penelope
    • Athene delayed dawn so that they could spend a long night together
      • Odysseus tells Penelope his future that Teirsias told him
        • he must go to a country that thinks an oar is a winnowing  fan and tell them of Lord Poseidon
          • and build a temple of Odysseus
    • Odysseus tells Penelope his Odyssey
    • to supplement all the suitors have taken they will raid and get the people of Ithaca to contribute
    • The swineherd, cowherd, Odysseus and Telemachus put on their armour


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