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The Odyssey: analysis 5.3.12

The Odyssey: analysis (books 4-12 and 18-22)
Book Five ­ Calypso


Calypso lived in Ogygia, an island. He stayed there for 7 years.

Characters involved

Odysseus ­ We find him crying on the shores of Ogygia after spending 7 years there being treated
as the…

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The Odyssey: analysis 5.3.12
in the water after leaving Calypso's island. A huge part of Odysseus' difficult journey,
without him, Odysseus could have made it back much earlier.

Ino ­ a nymph, likes to help others who need it. Odysseus would probably have died without her
[Of the slim…

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The Odyssey: analysis 5.3.12
Book Six ­ Nausicaa


Odysseus lands in Scherie in the land of the Phaecians ­ (isolated but favoured by the gods). They used to
live in Hypereie next to the Cyclopes. He stays here for about a month

Characters involved

Nausicaa ­ Courageous because she…

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The Odyssey: analysis 5.3.12
6) Athena helps Odysseus seem taller and sturdier, and gave him bushier hair.
7) Nausicaa is willing to help Odysseus, telling him to walk with her maidens as they walk into town.
She wants to avoid gossip: This is her reason. "You will see near the…

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The Odyssey: analysis 5.3.12
Book 8 ­The Phaeacian Games

Characters involved

Democodus ­ palace bard (like Homer?), he is well respected amongst the people. It is said that
he is blessed with a gift (a sweet voice) and a curse (no sight)
[The inspired bard, the faithful bard the Muse…

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The Odyssey: analysis 5.3.12
Book 9 ­ Cyclops


Troy was also called Ilium. The Cicones lived in Ismarus. The Achaeans (Odysseus and his men) came from

Mini Episodes

1. Cicones (Overnight pillaging)
2. Lotus Eaters (A few hours)
3. Cyclops (Several days)

Characters involved

Odysseus ­ [Son of…

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The Odyssey: analysis 5.3.12
d. Odysseus sends some of his men inland to find out information about its inhabitants. The
Lotus-eaters offered them some lotus, they have some. Odysseus' men had to forcefully
return them to the ship having to bind them to the ship
e. Next, they then landed…

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The Odyssey: analysis 5.3.12
Liked for a month, and then disliked because he was convinced that Odysseus' return
was a sign that the gods absolutely hated him. He tried to help, but Odysseus' men
ruined it by opening the bag of winds. All-in-all a very good guy, but is a…

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The Odyssey: analysis 5.3.12
8) When Odysseus returned to his ship to get all his men back to Circe's house. He and his men stayed
on that island for a year (although Circe has charmed od. Into thinking that time was passing much
more slowly).
9) Then one of his…


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