The man who contributed most to the creation of a united Italy was Garibaldi. How far do you agree?

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  • The man who contributed most to the creation of a united Italy was Garibaldi. How far do you agree?
    • Agree- it was Garibaldi
    • Disagree- it was others
  • Politically-
    • He acted first and thought later. E.g. His plans to take Nice from France.
      • Could be a good thing- he was determined. Useful for some campaigns e.g quick decision to take Sicily. However, unplanned actions are detrimental to the cause.
    • He had a contrast of ideals. First a republican under Mazzini, then a royalist supporting CA and VE
      • However, if this change could be considered crucial to unification because it meant Garibaldi immediately handed over the south
    • He missed opportunities in Sicily to gain popular support
    • He was unaware of the effects his actions would have on international relations. E.g his plans to march to Rome threatened Catholic countries and could have been disastrous
      • Cavour was the opposite of this. He was careful, diplomatic and kept the opinions of other powers in mind
    • He had some good political action- he chose to hand over south instead of ruling alone. He cared the most about unity, unlike Cavour
  • Militarily
    • He was an inspiring leader. He was able to gain mass support from peasants and non-intellectuals
    • Without the help from 'The Thousand' during 1848 revolutions and Sicily campaign, success may not have happend so fast
    • HOWEVER, part of his militarial success has to be due to the incompetence of the enemy. E.g. British commander, lack of organisation by Austria in the 1859 war. These could be held accountable for largely leading to unification.
      • Also, in Naples the king and people put up little resistance or fled. In Sicily, peasants welcomed them due to harsh Neapolitan rule
    • Cavour did not hold the same leadership qualities and military techniques and skills
  • Politically
    • Huge successes as a politician and a diplomat.
      • Crimean war, Paris Peace Conferenece, Plombieres, war of 1859
      • His skill allowed a relationship to form between Italy and France  via Napoleon iii. This allowed the 1859 war victory and was crucial for unification
    • HOWEVER, although his diplomacy and political skills, he was more focused on Piedmontisatoin than Italian unification. Piedmont got a seat at conference.
    • Cavour
      • Militarily
        • Lack of military insight and leadership qualities like Garibaldi
        • Made bad decisions which could have hindered unification. E.g. he wanted to continue the war of 1859 without French aid.
      • Economically
        • One of Cavours largest contributions to unification
        • Modernisation of Piedmont as a hub and leader in unification allowed a seat at PPC and led to unification
        • Improved communications- 850km of railway
        • Trade expanded- foreign reputation
  • Charles Albert
    • Statuto of 1848 formed base of unification
    • However, he also suffered huge defeats such as Novara and Custoza (however, so did Garibaldi)
  • Mazzini
    • Inspired Garibaldi's nationalistic ideals- without him Garibaldi may not have fought so strongly for the cause
    • Roman Republic 1848- nationalistic


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