The Ghost Road Chpt 18

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  • The Ghost Road chpt 18
    • Rivers and Billy’s narratives meet
    • Pg 259 “Brown fog enveloped the hospital. Coils of sulphurous vapour hung in the entrance hall, static, whirled into different patterns whenever somebody entered” Everything is pathetic foreshadows end of war
    • New characters introduced in this chpt emphasises suffering
    • Pg 261 “Then they were moving forward, hundreds of men eerily quiet, starlit shadows barely darkening the grass. And no dogs barked” Links to Owen sense of the unreal/dreamlike
    • Pg 262 “A single lamp shone above his bed so the green curtains glowed against the darkness of the rest of the ward” Generations for this war would be uaware of the injuries, motif unrealistic dream like, Hallet’s death juxtaposes propaganda
    • Pg 264 “The hernia cerebri pulsated, looking like some strange submarine form of life, the mouth of the sea anemone perhaps” Simile - similar to Owen’s poetry
    • Pg 265 “He’s been so brave. He’s been so bloody brave” Bravery is going through pain, irony his parents wanted him to go to war
    • Pg 269 Everyone is affected by the war, lives were put on hold
    • Pg 271 description of the battle gives the reader an insight of what it was like
    • Pg 272 “As bare as an eyeball, no cover anywhere, and the machine-gunners on the other side were alive and well” Similie this is a massacre battle
    • Pg 273 the simple description of Owen and Billy’s deaths emphasises how simple it is to die
    • Pg 274 first paragraph shows how suffering and war aren’t worth the aftermath
    • Pg 275 Description of the battlefield aftermath, the sun is out of place
    • Pg 276 last paragraph theme of ghosts, ambiguity makes the reader ask questions about the ending. Barker might be hinting at Rivers death


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