religion in britain

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  • were religious issues the main reason for problems faced by the monarchy 1625-40?
    • LOA - yes , political instability fed by fear of Catholicism
    • p1- yes , charles links to catholicism were causing him problems
      • appointment of laud as arch bishop of cantibury in 1633
        • also controlled star courts
          • prynne burtion and bastwick 1637
            • fined 5000 and ears cut off
            • book of commen prayer 1637- rebellion in scottland
        • actions unpopular
        • Untitled
          • P2 - laud and reforms
      • arminisism = too close to catholicism
      • henerietta maria = catholic and had alot of influence
      • parliament concerned
        • mistrust
        • absoluttism
    • yes - puritanism in
      • disliked arminiism and laud
      • distrust in charles only semented by personal rule
      • religious woes fed into the growing political instability
    • p3 = counter argument - finatial troubles
      • struggeling against scotlands rebeliion at the end of personal rule
      • was never granted tonnage and poundage
      • forced loan- 5 knights cases
        • fear of royal tyranny
      • support of duke Buckingham even after failed raid on cadiz
      • only added to rising tensions due to religion


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